We are constantly creating ripples of impact in the world

    be aware of the ripples, let them be intentional and far reaching.

    Innovators Collective


    Innovators Collective leads workshops focused on innovation through collaboration. Innovators Collective identifies key barriers to innovation and helps teams build to the dynamic needs addressing company culture, change management and internal innovation.

  • I am happiest effectuating impact via storytelling, building community through action, gaining momentum with connections while working with innovative clients and partners to 

    connect experiences and allow for greater perspective.

    Submit RFP here or email forwardmotionbuilding@gmail.com




    Overnight is a mobile marketplace for travelers to book same day stays from local hosts. Considering the local and spontaneous elements of the brand, Amber worked with Overnight and Astrsk PR to launch in NYC, Coachella Valley, and San Francisco building experiences for the community from within the creative community.



    re'flect, successful aging defined, is a new documentary series that highlights six vibrant older adults living life by their terms. Also featured are the many healthy living opportunities San Diego affords seniors, from work to play to volunteering, and everything in between. RE’FLECT will broadcast on KPBS San Diego in January 2017. Website

    San Diego Startup Week


    An initiative bringing the Startup community of San Diego together for informative, inspiring, and engaging events. Sponsored by City of San Diego.

    Nearsoft Summit


    Experiential learning labs foster collaboration and create space for innovation. Bringing the dynamism of the new economy to companies large and small through interactive hack-a-thon style workshops, growth hacking experiments and digital media storytelling.

    Indie Oasis at Coachella


    An experiential production in collaboration with Overnight and RV Sherpa. A true pop-up community, the Indie Oasis at the Coachella Music Festival was pure magic and a lot of hard work.



    TEDxAmericasFinestCity 2012 Volunteer Coordinator for the La Jolla Playhouse main event.

    Creative Director for the 2013 TEDx Salon events CoDirector of TEDxAFC main event 2013.



    Women's Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is a day on which the work of Women entrepreneurs is observed and discussed. Held on the nineteenth of November of each year, globally. This is a United Nations Initiative. See other Global Shapers event and initiatives here.

    Crowdfund UP


    A collaborative crowdfunding initiative bringing resources, social media and mentorship to a cohort of entrepreneurs preparing to Crowdfund there ideas. Teams went on to collectively raise over

    $1 Million in Cohort 1.

  • BIO

    only because you asked...

    Amber Brandner



    Amber Brandner builds community through creative collaborations, entrepreneurship and discussions for the new economy. As a keynote speaker, facilitator or consultant, she brings her experience, knowledge and connections to every endeavor and shows up completely.


    Now consulting with startups and speaking with growing companies to develop brand alignment and community experiences, As founding producer of Connected Dreamers Productions and CoFounder to Collective 1939 Amber led entrepreneurs in creating video, live events, workshops, and

    immersive experiences abroad which foster connection.


    Productions include Crowdfund-UP a partnership with California International Business University, Prefab Co-working Space and GoFundme, a first of its kind collaborative crowdfunding production inspiring learning through doing which raised over $1 Million in it's inaugural run. TEDxAmericasFinestCity building on the power of storytelling when applied to business, personal and collective transformation, in addition to several speaking workshops. SDSW Convergence bringing startups and students together. RECESS.is an Idea and Music festival brought to college campuses inspiring entrepreneurship.


    Amber has organized events with Tech Founders SD, Geek Girls, and is Curator at Global Shapers San Diego.

    A Purdue University graduate Amber is native of Indiana, residing in Southern California.









  • Connect. Create. Catalyze.



    CoOrganizer and Producer 2014 - 2016


    San Diego Tech Founders has grown to be a defining element of the San Diego startup community, whose organizers have founded or been involved with San Diego Startup Week, Xconomy Speaker Series, the SWARM investor event, Founders Fight club, Connected-Dreamers, San Diego Tech Coffee, Crowdfundup San Diego and Startup San Diego.


    Tech Founders Presents

    Justin Mares Author of Traction

    November 2015


    Norway Crowdfunding Playing Lean

    Consumer feedback workshop
    January 2015


    Tech Founders Presents

    Gary Ridge founder WD40

    December 2014


    Tech Founders Presents

    Charles Hudson Soft Tech VC

    April 2014


    Tech Founder Presents

    Dan Martel Founder Clarity.fm

    March 2014


    Tech Founders Presents

    Dave McClure

    February 2014


    Convergence SDSW and Tech Founders Demo Night January 2014


    SD Tech Founders is co-organized with Brant Cooper NYT BestSelling Author on Entrepreneurship.



    • TEDxAFC Speaker Bootcamp 2014 CoProducer
    • TEDxAFC Interactive Workshop Volunteer 2014
    • TEDxAFC at Main Event, Barrio Logan CoDirector 2013
    • TEDxAFC Wellness Salon 2013
    • TEDxAFC Story Salon June 2013
    • Speaker Bootcamp, 3rdSpace 2012
    • TEDxAFC at La Jolla, Volunteer Coordinator, Art Installation commissioner 2012


    2014 TEDxAmericasFinestCity Award

    An opportunity for startups and community projects: a first of it’s kind sponsorship from CrowdFund-UP granting participation in the next collective.CrowdFund-UP created by TEDxAmericasFinestCity past Director Amber Brandner and Founder of San Diego Co-Working Space, PreFAB, Brian Hawkins.

    Inspired by other global innovative TEDx initiatives such as TEDxAmsterdam, the organizers of TEDxAmericasFinestCity offer this as a soft launch of an award that will be ongoing from year to year.


    Sponsors and Partners:

    Prefab SD


    MIND Research Institute

    University San Diego

    University California San Diego

    San Diego State University


    San Diego Public Market


    About TEDxAmericasFinestCity

    TEDxAmericasFinestCity is a local, independently organized TEDx event operated under a license from TED, the globally influential nonprofit organization devoted to ideas worth spreading. TEDxAmericasFinestCity held its first event in May of 2011 at Scripps Seaside Forum, a beautiful venue where a sold out audience enjoyed 14 brilliant and innovative speakers. Since then TEDxAmericasFinestCity has held dozens of events in several San Diego communities, bringing the excitement and wonder of TEDx to thousands of San Diego’s most interesting, discerning people. TEDx attendees leave feeling inspired and connected to one another; our platform demonstrates to our audiences that we have more similarities than differences.


    To date we have showcased over 70 speakers at five large events including TEDxAFCWomens and TEDxAmericasFinestCity 2.0. The videos produced from the events have attracted over 250,000 view and counting.

    Global Shaper

    Curator San Diego HUB


    The Global Shapers Community is one of several multi-stakeholder communities at the World Economic Forum. Other communities include the Young Global Leaders, the Global Agenda Councils, and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs.



    • TEDxMonumento LiveStream Event at San Diego Public Library 2015
    • Womens Entrepreneurship Day Sponsored by USD featuring HeraHub founders Felena Hanson and Silvia Mah
    • Hera Venture Summit
    • Global Conversation community outreach series.
    • Panleist at Binational Model United Nations.


    Creative Consultant specializing in

    Community UX & Expansion to New Markets with mobile app Overnight, VC Backed Startup booking last minute stays with locals.

    • Produced top tier press release event.
    • Developed partnerships and aligned sponsorships for events. 
    • Developed custom art and branded swag with maker communities and local creatives. 
    • Produced video and photo assets.


    • NYC
    • San Francisco
    • Coachella Valley


    Featured Press:

    Executive Producer and CoOrganizer 2014


    Including: Web Design, Sponsorships, managing production of crowdfunding videos.


    Sponsored by

    • GoFundMe Crowdfunding Platform
    • California International Business University, founded in 1995 and focused on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship
    • PreFAB Space, a unique combination of co-working, pop-up retail, special event, and networking for entrepreneurs,


    • Over 1 Million USD raised via crowdfunding  in cohort 1. 


    CrowdFund-UP  is a first-of-its-kind crowdfunding ‘hackathon’ which took place, over a period of 72 hours, with 8 Crowdfunding Campaigns produced, launched, and celebrated by a collective of passionate entrepreneurs.


    The month-long journey began with a Ridiculously Collaborative Launch Party, debuting participants such as Diane Serra Designer, Lord Wallington Menswear, Mammal Clothing, Steph Johnson Band, HUSH, Gov Alert, Lift & Twist Timed Pill Cap, and The Undress Invention.


    CrowdFund-UP is co-organized by Brian Hawkins, a serial entrepreneur and professor.


    San Diego Startup Week

    #GoSanDiego Inspiring Innovation Event

    Executive Producer Event & Video


    San Diego City Policy Panel;

    Innovating a city from the inside out.

    Moderator:  Kris Michell of the Downtown Partnership Panel Participants:  Assembly member Brian Maienschein, Bill Fulton Mayor Faulconer’s designate on the innovation economy. City Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner, Sean Barr EDC’s VP of Economic Development



      Featured Musical Guest:

      Sister Speak, SDMA Award Nominee

      Gayle Skidmore SDMA Award Winner



      •  Scott Case Startup America CEO, Founding CTO Priceline
      •  Greg Horowitt Cofounder T2Ventures & Global CONNECT
      • Katie Rast, Founder FABLAB, 
      • Michael Sacca Founder Brandisty, Tiny Factory. Community Inspired
      • Jim Brown, Founder Bread & Salt Factory, Civic Innovation
      • Don Mirra, Art Innovator, Beyond the Lens 
      • Brian Hawkins, Founder PreFab, Fabrication and Collaboration
      • Miguel Buenrostro, Founder HUBSTN, A New Story 
      • Joseph Jackson: CoFounder, Bio Tech and Beyond. DIY-BIO Movement and Citizen Science.
      • Ari Hoffman, GOBIE, Be the Mayor
      • Parker Harris, Junto 
      • Neal Bloom, Founder Portfolium
      • Summer Rogers Founder NPRUV
      •  Nan Renner and Deborah Forster, Analog Facebook


      Conversation Canopies

      • ART OF SCIENCE & LEARNING Waterstock & Kate's Place
      • BINATIONAL HUBS: Discuss Innovation without borders
      • LOCAL AUTHORS Sharing Published Works
      • PREFAB: Fabrication, Crowdfunding, Collaborations



      LiveStream Event Producer 2015

      A Global Shapers Project


      TEDxMonumento258 began as a collaboration between the organizers of TEDxSanDiego and TEDxTijuanain 2013. The basic idea was to conduct a cross-border TEDx event. Stages would be constructed on either side of the border and the program would consist of speakers alternating their talks; one on the U.S. side, followed by one on the Mexico side. Although a fence exists between these two countries, the fence is not solid, allowing attendees on each side to witness the talks taking place in the other country.


      A number of names were considered for the event, but after a visit to Playas de Tijuana, where the border meets the Pacific Ocean, Boundary Monument 258 became the primary focus, with TEDxMonumento258 selected as the event title, along with the theme, Ideas Without Borders.


      The significance of Monument 258 dates back to the point at which two countries – the United States and Mexico – were physically divided by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that was signed on February 2, 1848. Since that time these two cities – San Diego and Tijuana – continued to grow, though under very different circumstances. This event seeks to understand the history of this binational region, the success achieved and challenges that remain between these two diverse cultures some 167 years later, and highlight the opportunities which are unfolding within this unique location, and the larger CaliBaja MegaRegion.



      National Science Foundation

      Art of Science and Learning Incubator at Balboa Park, addressing Water Scarcity.


      Mentor with team WaterStock addressing the issue of gaining awareness for water conservation through a city wide event.


      Waterstock Site Description

      Waterstock is an interactive music and arts festival that promotes a DIY attitude toward water conservation by encouraging behavioral change through gamification. Not simply a concert for a cause or just another music and arts festival to boost awareness. We want to see you change your behaviors toward water to maintain our stock. Not only are we innovative, we want you to innovate with us. The art and music festival is:

      • Aesthetically and sonically exciting, featuring DIY water-saving solutions combined with live music and performance, public and interactive art.
      • Gamified to let you see your own and others’ impact on our water supply.
      • Participatory to let you showcase your stock in our water’s future.

      Waterstock had presence at several events throughout San Diego, raising awareness and aligning community in a shared initiative to conserve water.


      Entrepreneur Day

      Event Producer, 2014


      An event produced for

      California International Business University


      B Corp Workshop


      Retail and Manufacturing Workshop


      Future trends panel discussion with

      Lauren Avenius, Sony Electronics

      Patricia Stitson, TEDxElCajonKIds

      Shannon McCarey LiveGoode

      Jessie Gardner Founder at HeySoul


      Live Music by Luneaux

      Geek Girls

      Community Manager. Facilitator & Speaker



      Geek Girl empowers women & girls (and dudes!) of all ages and all financial levels in technology, from beginner newbie to startup savant.




      Brand Ambassador, Partnerships 2014


      The easiest way to build event apps that help event organizers print less, attract more sponsors, and boost attendee networking & engagement


      Whova has been incorporated into Geek Girls, TEDx, Tech Founders, Tijuana Hackathon.

      Maker Faire San Diego

      Keynote Binational Stage Balboa Park, 2015

      The art of team building and the essence of communicating your brands mission.


      About the event and contest:

      This contest seeks to boost entrepreneurship through the contestants’ exposure to an experience similar to the real world and attract investment for their projects, promote young entrepreneurs from both sides of the border in an academic environment, providing a platform to discuss their ideas and experiences, encourage the creation and strengthening of binational networking bonds.



      Community Member & Event Production

      Coworking & Club For The Creative, is a dynamic hub for creative entrepreneurs, startups, and change makers in San Diego.

      • Human Rights Crowdfunding Launch Event 2013, with live music, art exhibit, storytelling and afterparty.  
      • Convergence SDSW with Pitch Night, Art installation, live muscial performances and DJ bringing together over 300 entrepreneurs and startup enthusiaist for a night of connection and pure fun. 

      REFLECT a KPBS series

      Re'flect, successful aging defined, is a new documentary series that highlights six vibrant older adults living life by their terms. This series provides a fresh and inspiring look at aging successfully and insight into the active and engaged world of today’s seniors who are living out loud and defying stereotypes associated with aging. Their stories unfold through interviews, day-in-the-life footage, and archival materials. Also featured are the many healthy living opportunities San Diego affords seniors, from work to play to volunteering, and everything in between. RE’FLECT will broadcast on KPBS San Diego in January 2017.


      *Amber worked developing digital presence for film and filmmakers. Amber took on creative direction of website design, development and outgoing communications.


      Community Manager and Event Organizer, 2014

      Prefab is an unique co-working and event space. 

      • Concert Series
      • Art Shows
      • PopUp Shops
      • CrowdfundUP


      Brand Strategy and Community Building, Workshop 2015


      IMPACT SD is an alliance of high impact non profits, private sector, and educational orgs working together to create a larger scale impact in San Diego.  Emphasis on high growth with sustainable results. 

      Startup Weekend

      Mentor Startup Weekend EDU 2015, 2016


      Startup Weekend Womens Perfect Pitch Talk:

      Participants were prepped on the weekend before them with an informal informative talk covering technical and nontechnical elements of the pitch.

      Tijuana Hackathon

      Binational Hackathon for Social Good.

      Keynote Idea Lifecycle.



      • Angel Ventures Mexico
      • HUBSTN
      • Ideator
      • Global Shapers

      StartUP Grind Host

      Interview with Leslie Fishlock

      Founder of Geek Girls


      Interview with Brant Cooper

      NYT Best selling Author

      The Lean Entrepreneur

      The Lean Brand

      CoFounder Moves The Needle

      Collective 1939

      Founder of a Coworking accelerator for a collective of neoteric entrepreneurs, innovators & creatives bringing ideas to life. Productions include the Naked Truth exhibit, Gender Equality through a nonbinary lens with UN Panelist, "He Named Me Malala viewing event," Global Shapers Conversations of Connection.


      Digging in.

      Startup Grind

      Interview with Leslie Fishlock

      Amber interviews Leslie Fishlock founder of Geek Girls for this edition of Startup Grind San Diego.

      Startup Grind

      Interview with Brant Cooper

      Amber interviews NYT Best Selling author Brant Cooper for San Diego Startup Grind.


      Ambers Interview by


      Amber is interviewed by 33Founders following production of San Diego Startup Week keynote event.

      Live at Collision

      interview with 

      Rocketship Podcast

      To listen check Connected Dreamers, no direct link available.


      ...telling the stories


      Crowdfunding Social Good

      Nonelikeme is a thoughtful and provocative brand.  desaturated and unbrushed image lends to the raw nature of the mission. Nonelikeme speaks to individuality and unity. 

      Surf Hostel

      Promotional Video

      The Sirena Insolente is a peaceful surf retreat a few hours west of Santiago, Chile.  Warm and comforting tones accompany a playful and magical feeling to a simple existence.

      Chad White

      Personal Brand and Event

      This video was created to showcase San Diego premier sustainable Baja Mediterranean chef Chad White and his PopUp dinner event series. The character is play off of the real life character, whimsical, fun and inventive.


      Music Video

      Capturing a session post concert musical duo Hathaways preform outside in Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru with additional footage captured throughout the surrounding area of San Blas.

      School Yoga Institute

      A Yoga Pilgrimage

      School Yoga Institute located on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala the Mystical Yoga Farm offering yoga teacher training and permaculture courses.

      Corazon de Tierra

      & Vena Cava Winery

      Just east of Ensenada Mexico lies Valle de Guadelupe home to the award winning Corazon de Tierra (in english The Heart of The Earth) a farm to table fine dining experience led by award winning Chef Diego Hernandez and paired with the onsite wine crafting of Vena Cava Vineyards. 

      PARIS. Alaniz

      Production Design

      Production with Greenglow films featuring Georgia May Jagger


      Production Design

      Production with Greenglow film. Director Jane Qian

    • We are Social Creatures

    • FEED. ME

      Musings and News for the New Economy